"Hi Lee, thanks for the training on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. On Sunday, I decided against the National Cycle Centre and instead I did about 13 miles of the Mam Tor Classic (I was too knackered to do it all).  It was an amazing ride; your advice on the technique for drop-offs was invaluable. I enjoyed doing them so much that I started searching them out; in fact,  the scarier, the better. Similarly, my ride was faster and more controlled because of your front brake advice.  No more helter skeltering down grassy banks with the back brake locked up. The experience I gained on Saturday would have taken me weeks if not months to gain if I had been left to my own devices. I am out this weekend and I’m going to repeat the Mam Tor route followed by Cut Gate. I now have a better than even chance of making it back alive.

Frank from South Yorkshire - Skills Course


"I am a fairly experienced rider, who has recently moved from flat pedals to clipped pedals and therefore needed not only an introduction to riding in clip’s but wanted to improve my riding in a number of ways, mainly climbing, descending, taking drops and general “good practice”. Lee is not only extremely knowledgeable about Mountain Bike set up and maintenance and the local terrain/area, but he is a patient, concise and expert skills trainer. The skills I have now learned from Lee will enable me to take on terrain that I would have struggled to overcome in the past, this has also now given me the confidence to look out for challenging routes, rather than avoid them. I would recommend this course to anyone from basic rider, to the experienced rider who just wants to refresh their skills and drop old habits (as I had quite a few of them)"

Tony from Kent - Skills Course


"This day belongs to my top 5  of mountain biking. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the challenge and scenery that the Peak District offered.

Thank you Lee for the well guided ride, it enabled me to fully concentrate on my biking skills without having to stop at every junction to see which direction to take. This day also enabled me to discover what my strong and weak points were in mountain biking because of the wide variety in different disciplines needed eg uphill, downhill, single tracks, gravel, rocky paths, different sorts of obstacles and much more.

I am very pleased with the coaching you gave me during the ride, it has improved my biking a lot, not just on this day but also now in Holland.

I  definitely will contact you the next time I am in England (hopefully next year) to book again such a ride organised by you.

Lee thank you very much, this ride was the topping on the cake for my holiday in the UK"

Ron from The Netherlands - Guided Ride


"Thanks for an enjoyable day yesterday.

It was good to have confirmation that I'm not doing anything too drastically wrong and my technique is generally good. The 'feathering the back brake thing' is probably about the only thing you mentioned that I'd not read somewhere: but reading about employing a certain technique doesn't necessarily result in the proper application of it on the trail. The tip about using a credit card for a ripped tyre may come in very handy one day!"

Darren from Glossop - Skills Course


"Hi Lee, thanks for the feedback, I thought yesterday was fantastic, a really enjoyable day and I learned so much in such a short time. I would very much like to join you on a guided ride, particularly if there is some more advanced skills training thrown in.

Look forward to seeing you again"

Mike from Sheffield - Skills Course


"I thought I'd do a short write up for the skills course.

On Sunday, Andy and I had the benefit of some instruction from Lee of Peak Mountain Biking. The course was aimed at either beginners or those who wanted to build confidence and check they were doing it right.  Arguably Andy and I fell into the latter category!

The weather hadn't read the script.  Although there had been storms the night before, it was dry and sunny - yes sunny - for most of the day.

The morning consisted of some short sections to brush up on use of gears and brakes.  Checking that we were positioning ourselves right on descents and ascents.  Neither of us were hanging back far enough on steep descents.  Lee also taught us how to use the back brake when doing low tight turns or to regain balance.  Very useful trick and we both found ourselves using it.

After some comedy offs on technical climbs we stopped for a quick lunch before setting off up a 1k technical climb, some mud sliding (first time I have had to pedal down hill!) and the Haggs Farm descent.  All in all we rode about 40k in the day and were clearing things with more confidence by the time we got back to the car park.

The skills course is a must for anyone new to riding - it will save you months of trial and confidence sapping error.  For those who have been riding a while but feel that they clear sections using luck rather than technique it is also a great way to spend a day.  Lee tailors the ride to the skill level of those on the course.  It meant we covered some harder sections than a beginners course.  All in all it was excellent value for money"

Mark & Andy from Manchester - Skills Course


"I found your teaching style very relaxed and informative, I am not a natural course taker but found you to be knowledgeable, approachable and above all encouraging! 

Perhaps the highest recommendation I can give is that you have inspired me to get out and ride more. I think the course would be invaluable to those just starting out and would provide a very solid introduction to biking. Those with more experience can certainly benefit as well, it is hard to know exactly what you do when you are on your bike. I found having someone experienced observe and comment was fantastic.

The physical level of was fine for me and achievable by most people who are at least reasonably active I would think. The technical difficulty was again spot on for me, I think the course is well suited to people who are keen to start more challenging cross country riding.

Overall a fabulous day, made even better by the sunshine.."


Thanks again!!

Andrew from Selby - Skills Course


"Many thanks for Saturday, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot - I'm sure it would take me many days of riding to pick up what I learned in a few hours so really useful and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to someone else."

Ian from Huddersfield - Skills Course


Many thanks for an excellent day on Saturday ... both Chris and I learnt a hell of a lot, and I'm positive that it will improve both our riding and our mechanical knowledge and care for the bikes. More than that, it has given me a drive to take both my MTB and road riding a bit more seriously ... I've not given much thought to taking part in organised MTB events or sportives before, but now I'm quite keen to test my abilities against others. Looks like a long winter of riding's ahead!

I think you pitched the level of tuition perfectly for where both Chris and I are technically and although I felt comfortable with the physical side of it on the day, by Sunday I was a bit weary! I have done 21 miles on the road bike today though and felt pretty good.

The weather was great, the scenery fantastic and the pint of Buxton Spa we found on the way back was pretty good too.

So, thanks again and all the best for the future ... we'd love to come and ride in the Peak District again and we'll fly the idea of a guided ride up with some of our other riding friends, perhaps for next year.

Tim from Stourbridge - Skills Course


"Thanks for teaching us! I was on a 'high' all weekend after the course. I even bought a map and mountain bike route book online yesterday. I can't wait to get out again soon!"

Lisa from Nottingham - Skills Course


"Thank you!  I hope to put all the different skills we learnt into practice and will definitely feel more confident heading out and about.  Both Mike and I agreed that we would not have managed the stuff we were doing by the end of the day before the course.  Just need to master the map reading now.

I really enjoyed the day, thanks.  I was buzzing for the rest of the weekend, all recovered now, legs back to normal functioning."

Gill from Manchester - Skills Course


Thanks for a great day out on the Skills Course last Sunday. 

Your invaluable instruction really gave me a belief in myself to tackle routes I would have walked or even avoided in the past.

I feel more confident on my rides now thanks to you. 

I highly recommend the Skills Course to mountain bikers from beginners to more experienced riders. 

A brilliant day!


Phil from Delph - Skills Course


Hi Lee,


I had a great day on Saturday and thank you so much for the training and experience.

I've put together the following feedback:

"The skills course was a fantastic experience as I gained a lot of knowledge, had a really enjoyable time and it stretched me in terms of skill and fitness. To do this in such a beautiful setting makes it even more exhilarating and was certainly a confidence builder.

Lee was great at providing detailed instruction and demonstrations which really helped me to understand the skill required. He did this in good humor and with enthusiasm which provided real motivation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to friends and would certainly be interested in attending a guided ride."

I'll definitely get out on my bike again soon and would really be interested in a guided ride in the future.


Alan from Nottingham - Skills Course