It's a first, I have a Blog........

So its a first for me and PMB, we now have our own blog keeping you updated with............ er well I'm not too sure to be honest, I guess anything that I find of interest that I think you guys and girls will find interesting.

So my first blog is also about another first for me..... on Saturday 14th of September at 20.00hrs I set out into the Welsh hills with around 150 other riders to test our riding skills on a slippery dark night, 30km later I arrived back safe and sounds with a little bit more experience and a big smile on my face. I would like to thank the people of Ruthin in North Wales for their hospitality and understanding and lending us their hills for the weekend and the amazing team who work their socks and Big Bobble Hats off at the Scott MTB Marathon. 2016 date will be up soon if you fancy testing your skills, nerve and fitness @MTB_Marathon.

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