It's not all doom and gloom......

Sooooo I'm gazing out of my office window at 5.47pm and it's fair to say it looks gloomy, the temperature has dropped to a coolio 9 degrees and it feels like Winter is upon us.

Now for fear of sounding old, as every year goes by I feel the cold more and more and this is from a guy who never owned a jacket until he turned 30! It becomes harder to make the effort..... to get out on those cold wet dark days and nights and the only saving grace this year is that the Summer has not been so good and the shock is less to the system....... but......... I have had some of the most fun and rewarding times riding out in Winter, yes its tough going, yes the rides have to be a good few hours to make it worth cleaning the bike but as long as you layer up, keep pushing those pedals the wet, the mud, the challenge is great fun and hugely rewarding and the hot shower at the end of your ride is better than ***... well almost and when you are laid on the sofa beer in hand nice and warm you appreciate the simple pleasures in life.............

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