It's in your head .............

I'm not too sure how many people I have coached over the years but its a fair few that's for sure. All levels of ability, all levels of fitness and all ages. More recently some super fit over 60's starting out there mountain bike adventures which is great to see. I have always been an advocate of good all round fitness with specific attention paid to "core" stability exercises, I go to the gym, spinning and insanity classes, even the odd run every so often and I don't mind all of that stuff, I cant say I enjoy it but the motivation, the driver for me to keep going is simple, its my passion for Mountain Biking and all of the hours spent training to help me ride longer, harder and faster. The fitter you are the more fun you will have on the bike but its not all about fitness obviously, because I am a coach and I teach people the Skills & Knowledge that combined with the fitness will make you a bloody good Mountain Biker right? Nope, wrong, there's another integral part which is the brain, it tells you that you cant do it or you should not be doing it or if you do it and get it wrong you wont be able to do it for weeks and then if you try to do it again it will remind you what happened when you last tried to do it and what went wrong!!!! It's can be a crazy circle and its a complex part of the body, way beyond my understand but if you visualise "doing it" and fully commit to it, believe me when I say you will DO IT! So there we have it.... MIND...... BODY....... SKILLS ....... oh and we all need a little bit of luck from time to time.

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