Something new for 2017.....

I have always fancied doing one, I believe it's so important for the mind and the body to try new things.

Snowboarding was a challenge, a real challenge but I became competent and that made me happy!

My latest challenge is a little bit different, many people take on the challenge and I have no doubt some have had to conquer the same fear............ WATER.

You would like to think I can ride a bike albeit I need to ride the skinny tyres version and yep I can run if I have to but the first discipline involves me learning something new and something that since the age of around 7 has been a life long fear which is swimming and specifically in open water.

It's early days and I am taking lessons and at this stage its 50/50 if I can or indeed will make it to the start line at the begging of June for my first event.

As an Instructor and Coach it has given me a gentle reminder of the frustrations, fears and doubts that many of the guys and girls who I have coached over the years have experienced.

I will keep you updated.......

#triathlon #fear #run #bike #swim #blenheim #damnbuster

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