Born to Tri

It's been a while....... sounds like the start of an Adele song. My last post may have indicated that I was going to post more often but genuinely I have been busy Guiding, Coaching and training for my first ever Triathlon and as I write this I am prepping for my third, which considering I have had a lifelong fear of water and could not swim before Christmas is something of an achievement.

Like the majority of Triathletes, open water swimming is the discipline that is often the least favoured and in many circumstances its the one that is feared and will have prevented many a good athlete from signing up to compete. I have to say that Swimming was the challenge, but I don't like running and riding on tarmac with skinny tyres...... well its just wrong, I am a Mountain Biker and always will be so why on earth did I ever think it was a good idea?

Because everyone of us should Tri something different , that challenges, that scares us and something that we think we can never ever do ..........

#dambustertriathlon #blenheimpalacetriathlon #openwaterswimming

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