1-2-1 Skill Courses £149 per person - Available on Request

If your are new to riding or maybe you have been riding a while and want to improve on the skills you already have, then our skills courses will benefit the way you ride and your approach to off road mountain biking. Course duration 09.00 - 15.30


The two most commonly asked skills course related questions are, how hard is it?, how fit do I have to be?

Our course objectives are to challenge and improve peoples riding ability and mindset with the instructor demonstrating a skills task that you are coached and guided to correctly repeat. We also tailor the course to suit the individuals riding skills.

The higher your fitness level the more you will enjoy the course, our benchmark is participants are taking part in  two hours of aerobic activity a week combined with several  3 hour+ pre course rides if you are not already doing so .

If you have any questions regarding the course or you're fitness levels then please contact us and we will try out best to answer your questions.

  • Clothing & Equipment           

  • Common trail side repairs         

  • Riding Position setup

  • Single Track techniques 

  • Improving Fitness

  • Mountain Bike Safety Check

  • Trail Etiquette

  • Correct use of gears

  • Efficient & Safe Braking

  • Attack position

  • Climbing techniques

  • Descending techniques

  • Drop Off's

  • Eco - Riding


It's back to basics with the objective to become competent in commonly used mountain biking skills and enable the riders to have the confidence to ride off road natural trail conditions.

On completion of the course, riders will be familiar and competent with the following aspects of  mountain biking:

Cut Gate Path
Cut Gate Path
Cut Gate Path
Cut Gate Path
Skills Course - Climbing
Skills Course - Climbing